Throw us a challenge. And you'll see we'll thrive on it. You could count our core strength in terms of the number of miles our trucks have gone. Or by our 3500 trusted drivers. Or you can consider our core strength in terms of our flexibility and willingness to adapt to client custom needs and specific situations.

Our services come with only one thing attached: the Railroad guarantee of superior service.


Railroad undertakes the safe movement of light, medium and heavy trucks, and buses under their own power. Driven by reputed drivers with the careful handling that new engines require, so you can rest assured your consignement reaches your client without any wear and tear.

Car Carriers

Railroad owns an extensive fleet of car carriers, and is strategically investing in expansions, carefully handpicking a range to suit every diverse auto needs for the future.
Regular contract trips for the delivery of cars and MUVs across India can be scheduled. We move vehicles on a turnkey basis. Even while ensuring your business efficiency is improved with faster turnaround times and clock-work schedules.

Depot (RSO) Handling>

We handle depots in various states, so we can handle turnkey projects that include pick-up from the factory, transport to the stockyard, maintenance of vehicles until they're invoiced to dealers - and last mile transportation to Customers or Dealers.